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August 13, 2010

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The Birthday Surprise

August 3, 2010

I’ve taken this from my dad’s Facebook (yeah. Hes computer literate. Its weird.) and decided that anything I say will just sound lame, but his sounds ~awesome~. This was our Sunday.

One of the best days ever!
Yesterday my wife & I were to go to Santa Cruz to spend the day with Kate & her boyfriend. As I was waiting in the car for Lynn to get ready she came down to tell me that Jessie, Kate’s boyfriend, had food poisoning and that we weren’t going to Santa Cruz. I was greatly disappointed, as it had been a while since I’d seen Kate. I went back upstairs and made a mental list of things I would do to spend the day.

A few minutes later Terry brings me an envelope with my name & address on it saying it had just been slipped under the front door. I opened it and inside was a note asking me to come to the front door. I went, very curious, opened the door, and out pops Kate! It seems that there never was a plan to go to SC, but that they would come up and surprise me. I was handed another envelope, directing me to grab the bag at the top of the stairs and get in the car, which we did. More clues followed, which took us to Genova’s to get sandwiches, across the bridge to Golden Gate park, to where we had a picnic. After we ate it was off to downtown, where we caught BART to Embarcadero.

Clues took us to the Muni museum on Steuart, then to the Ferry Building. Sun was out, lovely day to stroll. More clues took us to 21st Amendment for a beer. Crowd was a little heavy as the Giants were playing at 5, changed from a 1 PM start. I was a bit down being so close to the game & not going when I got my last clue, which was tickets to the game!!!!

It seems that Kate, Lynn & Terry (who couldn’t come due to rehearsal) had been planning this for months. It was my birthday present from Kate. I’ve often lamented having my birthday in December because I’d never get to go to a ballgame on my birthday. Kate planned all this so I could do it once. In addition to the tickets they had smuggled my Giants jersey & one of my ball caps with us. Put those on & down to the park. We made our way in (getting the free trading cards!) and went to sit in our bleacher seats. As I was making ready to sit in my seat the woman next to my seat said that I couldn’t sit there, as it was taken. I looked at her and it was my sister Toni!!! She was also in on the conspiracy!

The day was nice, the Giants won and I had an incredible surprise. We laughed and cheered. Even Lynn, who is not fond of baseball, had a great time. Shows how much she loves me by coming to the game!!

It’s a birthday I’ll not soon forget. I am such a lucky man to have my girls!

My dad’s birthday is in December. He will be 50. Hes probly one of the best dads ever and he totally deserved this. I love you Daddy.

My cat is licking his ballsack. Also Blogher10.

July 31, 2010

I worked 10 days straight. My HR Partner isn’t too pleased. See, if you work more than 40 hours in a week, it adds some paperwork; a page or two, nothing too bad.7 days solid means double that, with time and a  half added into the equation. Once you pass that, insanity kicks in. Sometime like a million and a half time or something.Who knows.

Those 10 days kicked my ass, man.

To add to my weekendless 9 hours a day 10 day work week, Thursday night was the ManBears b’day kickoff of (delicious) Fried Chicken at the 515. Excessively drunken times with friends, some awesome fried chicken, Cake Shots and Apples-to-Apples at the bar followed until they kicked us out a bit after closing.

Friday, as the actual date of his birth, we’d both taken the day off. Breakfast after a sleep-in and some errands. I gave him StarCraftII. He’s done very little else since. He SAYS he feels guilty, but I’m not seein’ it.

Tomorrow will be more Bday things (that I will tell about later) and Monday I work.

Tuesday is exciting though.

Tuesday I fly to Boston and then Wednesday we head to BlogHer10.

Im shitting bricks of nervousness and excitement. I dont give a shit if people like my dresses or if I dont get swag. In all honesty if I come home with nothing new I wont really care.

Mostly I’m worried about having fun and people liking me. Will I swear too much? Have one too many drinks? will I be not important enough? Will I be boring? I just dont want to be that kid picked last for dodgeball wandering around alone.

My insecurities and neurosis tend to come to the front with things like this. But!

Im thinking positively.

Im cute, mildly sassy and hecka funny! yeah! woo!

See you there, heathens. xo


San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

July 21, 2010


Drowning in Life. And Stuff.

July 20, 2010

I had yesterday off work. I slept in, folded laundry, cuddled the PuppyKitten, played tennis with my friend, walked dogs, told my homance happy 25th birthday and generally reveled in having nothing to do.

I had yesterday off because starting today I have 10 solid days of work, 2 of which will be 10 hour days catering 2 different weddings.

After those 10 days is the ManBear’s birthday (a glorious friday off to sleep in and have lots of sex and drink and carouse and blowitup big) followed by another day of partying. Sunday will then be spent celebrating in a secret birthday style. Monday I get to work again. And Tuesday.

Tuesday I fly to Boston.

To meet up with Caitlin.

To drive to BlogHer.

To meet up with everyone.

Then days spent reveling and a flight home monday evening followed by work Tuesday morning.

I feel like I’ll need a vacation from my vacation!

But I am also so breathtakingly excited!

See you there?


Ichabod is not amewsed wif your innernets ramblins! MOAR GRAVY!


Faren Makes Art

July 8, 2010

This little lambikins is Faren:

Faren makes Art

Faren makes really awesome art. She blogs a really awesome blog. And she is a really awesome person.

Shes also super sweet and made me this fantastic pear:

She calls me her Sweet [Prickly] Pear and that just too too cute.

You should check her out. Cause I love her. And you will too.


a post

July 6, 2010

I have been very busy lately.

I say this not as an excuse, but as an explanation.

I have a hundred things to talk about, to share; thousands of words to rush out to explain the wonderful things I’ve been doing – the things off my life list, the exploits of my hobo and his lady friend, the party with the guy in the dress, crafts. I want to explain how crappy work is being, and how good at the same time. I want to tell you about the thing my sister is doing, and the way the ManBear looks at me. I want to tell you how I feel fat and beautiful and tired and clever. I want to tell you how much I love my life, my man, my cat, my friends, the world.

Instead, for now, for this brief moment i have to breathe and collect, I’ll tell you about all the things I want to tell you about.

Life is really, really good.


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