A Glorious Weekend

September 15, 2009

you know those weekends? Those days that make you sigh, weeks later, over the fun and fulfillment you had and felt?

I had one of those weekends.

It started out lazy, cuddles and breakfast at Zachary’s with Jesse. We both had the Mess (and we both forgot to bring the Tapatio from home).

It was a nice lazy breakfast followed by a rush and moment of panic at the Greyhound station when my bus pulled up before Id picked up my ticket.

A boring, quick and cold ride later, I arrived in Oakland about 20 minutes early. My mom picked me up from the station and we went to Chef Edwards BBQ. Neither of us had been and we both ordered the “Piggly Wiggly Pulled Pork Sandwich”. Holy shit guys it was delicious.

Then off to the Fox Theater for the show my mother won tickets for. The Fox was recently redone and its gorgeous. It has a lot of the old details and some new stuff too. Just amazing.

Paolo Nutini is a Scot. He is a young, hard to understand, musically eclectic Scot and he was adorable. I had never heard of him and my mom knew one song: New Shoes

He is an awkward kid to watch sing though. He plays guitar and you can tell when he doesnt sing because his arm doesnt know what to do with himself.

Still, we had a really wonderful time!

It’s always great to be able to spend time with my mom ALONE. Mostly, I have to share her.

The next morning, my Dad, my sister and I headed to the city to see the SF Giants play the LA Dodgers. We’re hardcore giants fans and had been trounced the day before so we were really hoping for a win.

The game started out foggy but got better as the day went on.

We were silly and had an awesome time, plus the Giants beat the Dodgers pretty well so that was a bonus.

headed back to Oakland on BART and my mom drove me home (she offered!)

Jesse came over later that evening and we headed to bed.

It was one of those weekends that just leaves you glowing for weeks. I love spending time with my family and got to do a lot of that this weekend, doing things we really enjoy doing.

My dad and I have always been super baseball buddies; my mom and I have always loved talking just the two of us about nothing and everything; my sister and I have always loves being siblings.

Plus we ate a lot of delicious food, which is always great!

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