The Dream

November 13, 2009

I have vivid dreams. Always have, hopefully always will.

They have plot and character development and are usually just fantastic. Some last for what seems like days, others are just snippets of time.

And Tuesday night I had this gem:

My sister and I are in a van, driving to a house for a between two thanksgiving meals get together. We  get to the house and she tosses our backpacks into the trunk of the van.
We carefully walk around the beautiful (if flat) garden to that path that takes us to the front door. I got that feeling of knowing something without it being explained – the garden is newly planted and very important to the person we’re visiting.

We do the “knock-knock but we’re friends and walk right in” thing. The house is huge with dark wooden floors and oriental rugs. The open living room is off to the left, with a huge square table and low couches and pillows around it.
A woman beams up from the couch, huge and friendly smile and the room get a lot lighter. You know, in that sudden shift of light cause its a dream way.

I instantly recognize her as NakedJen, despite her lack of nudity. She stands up and gives me a huge hug. My sister has disappeared.

We’re sitting across the table from each other, NakedJen on a huge purple pillow with her legs folded and my leaning against a couch. She is having an ice cream thanksgiving. The table is COVERED in different types of ice cream, sherbets, sorbets, toppings, bottom-ings and spoons. Everyone is grinning huge grins and laughing their asses off.

My giant blender of ice cream is white and orange and pink. I dig in happily with a spoon thinking to myself how glad I am I decided to make a thick milshake-smoothie and slurp the orange and pink happily, despite realizing I dont like how it tastes.

My sister and I stand and NakedJen joins us as we tell her we should get going soon. We have another thanksgiving to get to but this was so much fun! We both receive giant loving hugs from her and I realize I stink.

I ask if I can use her shower and she says of course but is out of soap. I tell her it’s not a problem and snag the keys from my sister to go get my backpack from the car.

Its pitch black out and smells wet. I carefully skirt the garden and walk the long parking lot (think grocery store lot) to the van. I open the front door looking for the bag. I can’t find it and realize my sister put it in the back of the van when we first got there.

I close up and walk to the back. Chandler and Ross from Friends are hanging out across the way at their car. I open the back and we have a cheerful banter between the two of us. It’s very pleasant from what I remember. I move Terry’s backpack to get to mine but have trouble and fumble around. Somehow Terry’s bag ends up on my back and Im still juggling around inside the van. It has started to rain.

Chandler and Ross are laughing in a not-unpleasant but unhelpful way.

The bumper falls off. It’s sunny now and very bright outside.

Chandler and Ross say something about how hard it is to reattach a bumper by yourself, and how you have to be really strong.

I find my backpack and sling it on my back with Terry’s and lift the bumper, which is now made out of layered packing tape. (I know, right?) Despite that it’s still really heavy, but I lift it and snap it back into place. Chandler and Ross stop laughing and make that face. The surprise double take blank face.

I put away Terry’s backpack and we start talking more. Ross says that we should race back to the house BUT BE CAREFUL OF THE GARDEN! He and Chandler go the long way around the (ever larger) garden while I walk up the path.

I open the door and walk in to a bright kitchen with red gingham curtains and something cooking in the oven. It’s a different house. Children run past me, a softly blond boy and a dark-haired girl. Both look around 10. They throw open the door and run outside to play.

I stand at the sink and look out the window at them playing on the grass, carefully to avoid the still expanding garden (despite the shift in location). I turn away for a moment as someone else slams through the back door. Hello’s and hugs are exchanged.

A bit of time passes in that swoosh time has passed just now but you didnt know did you cause this is a dream kind of way.

Theres a rattling at the back screen door. I look over and its the kids. They ask us to let them in. We all look back curiously, wondering why they dont just let themselves in.

Theyre standing side by side.

I realize suddenly that theyre demons and they can’t come in because they havent been invited – opening the door means they have free reign. The hair on the back of my neck rises and its dark outside again. I shout at everyone to not let them in. Everyone freezes.

The demon children start gnashing long sharp teeth and slamming on the screen, howling at us to let them in. I’m terrified.

I look out the window. The girl has run up to say hi and come back inside. I tell her to wait and just play a little longer. She says she wants to come in but I ask her to wait a while again. This goes on for moments or for ever, then shes skipping around the corner to the screen door, out of my sight.

The next I see one of the demons is dragging her down in front of the window and shes struggling to get away. I reach for her groping hands and drag her in through the window as she kicks at the demon. Shes panicked. I look for the little boy and hes still happily playing in the grass by the garden.

Then I woke up.

Sometimes dreams mean things and sometimes they dont. Sometimes theres truth and reality and sometimes there isnt. Remind me to tell you about the snail dream sometime. Its reoccurring – I wont forget it, dont worry.

But that dream was SO SO vivid. Jesse and I woke up about the same time and talked about it and he agreed it was pretty effed up.

I just hope it wont come back.

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