Girl Talk Thursday: Favorite Part of You

January 14, 2010

I bet you all expect my to say that my favorite body part is my boobs, don’t you?

You totally do.

And I do love them. A lot. Like. A LOT A LOT. Like, in college we had to do a presentation with a game or some shit and we made a game about favorite body parts I guess ( I really cannot remember the context of this thing…) and I was all MY FAVORITE IS MY BOOBS and drew it on a huge chalk board in front of lots of people.


Anyway,  normally I would say it was my tittys, but I think today I am going in a different direction this time.

I’m going in the “the one thing I have that most people don’t and thats why I love it” direction.

I have a large Globular Processes. Some people call it a Intermaxillary segment. A lot of people call it that divit above your mouth and under your nose. And mine is really pretty big.

I guess I was just born that way? It never really bothered me until my dad pointed it out 5 or so years ago, then I was devistated. I mess with it, folding the skin together, I push it flat (as much as I can) to try and see what I would look if it were smaller. I hated it for a long while.

Then I decided that I wasn’t going to hate it anymore, I was going to embrace it. To embrace the weird thing that most people didn’t have that made my face interesting.

Yes, it sticks out a lot. I can see it when I look down my nose, even. If I try real hard and stick it out a little, at least.

But I’ve come to cherish it and enjoy it.

‘Cause its part of me. And I love it.


  1. And it’s cute! (your boobs are cute too)

    • why thank ya ;)

  2. i never once noticed that it was different than anyone else’s…. but i now know it has a name!

    and i love your pics in this post.

    • thats funny! most peoples kind of swoop in, mine BLOOMS out (or something).

      nate took the first two and self-took the 3rd (thanks)

  3. I love you and I love this – I love that you took something you didn’t like and turned it into something you DO like. You amaze me. <3

    • <3 <3 <3

  4. Boy, I had to have reconstructive surgery for something not even close to that! You’re right to embrace it all!!!!!!!!

  5. You’re absolutely adorable.

    I was my pregnancy boobs back.

  6. OMG OMG OMG. My husband is obsessed with mine! (he calls it a filtrum – some fancy dentist term). Yours is suckable. Seriously.

    I’m glad that you embrace it. Perfect choice for GTT. yipppeeee!!

    • ooh! why thank you! i didnt realize it was so popular!

  7. What a wonderful part of your body to choose. I don’t think it’s weird either. It actually accentuates you’re lips. ^_^

  8. You’re freaking awesome. And gorgeous. MUAH.

  9. I LOVE the idea of embracing it. I’ve got a birthmark on the middle of my forehead and for YEARS I’d hide it under bangs. And while I have the bangs back now (style choice not to hide), I decided, like you, to just own the thing.

    It was life changing.

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