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Theresa Marian

October 21, 2009

On October 21, 1991, Theresa Marian was born, my baby sister.

It was the afternoon / evening of the Oakland Hills fire. We were scheduled to go to the city to see my dad for lunch. Instead I threw a tantrum because my mom told me we couldnt go. I didnt understand what her water breaking had to do with us not being able to have lunch with daddy.

A lot of the afternoon and night is fuzzy for multiple reasons. Time has passed, and I was young, and the air was smokey and sooty. But there are very vivid spots the pop out at me.

Grammy poured me milk in the kitchen while I told my parent’s pet cats a baby was coming.

Driving to the hospital in my grandfather’s truck, wedged between my dad and my gram, we had to stop as dozens and dozens of fire trucks crossed the street before us.

Standing in the hospital room several floors up very late at night while my mom told the nurses she didnt need a bed; that they could give it to a burn victim if they needed it.

My dad looking pale and nervous, but excited.

Sitting with the huge windows to my back, holding my baby sister for the first time while being told she was only a few minutes old. Staring at her little round face and kissing her tiny little hands.

Terry was born 18 years ago today. She has grown into an amazing woman – bright, funny and so full of energy. She still has tiny hands, and the spirit of a true performer. She calls herself a drama queen and she is one, completely. But she’s also fantastic and I could brag about her for hours.

She’s my best friend, my favorite person. I would do anything with her and for her. We fight quickly, but make up just as fast. She’s all I could hope for in a sister and friend.

Happy Birthday, Ter. I love you <3


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