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My cat is licking his ballsack. Also Blogher10.

July 31, 2010

I worked 10 days straight. My HR Partner isn’t too pleased. See, if you work more than 40 hours in a week, it adds some paperwork; a page or two, nothing too bad.7 days solid means double that, with time and a  half added into the equation. Once you pass that, insanity kicks in. Sometime like a million and a half time or something.Who knows.

Those 10 days kicked my ass, man.

To add to my weekendless 9 hours a day 10 day work week, Thursday night was the ManBears b’day kickoff of (delicious) Fried Chicken at the 515. Excessively drunken times with friends, some awesome fried chicken, Cake Shots and Apples-to-Apples at the bar followed until they kicked us out a bit after closing.

Friday, as the actual date of his birth, we’d both taken the day off. Breakfast after a sleep-in and some errands. I gave him StarCraftII. He’s done very little else since. He SAYS he feels guilty, but I’m not seein’ it.

Tomorrow will be more Bday things (that I will tell about later) and Monday I work.

Tuesday is exciting though.

Tuesday I fly to Boston and then Wednesday we head to BlogHer10.

Im shitting bricks of nervousness and excitement. I dont give a shit if people like my dresses or if I dont get swag. In all honesty if I come home with nothing new I wont really care.

Mostly I’m worried about having fun and people liking me. Will I swear too much? Have one too many drinks? will I be not important enough? Will I be boring? I just dont want to be that kid picked last for dodgeball wandering around alone.

My insecurities and neurosis tend to come to the front with things like this. But!

Im thinking positively.

Im cute, mildly sassy and hecka funny! yeah! woo!

See you there, heathens. xo


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