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Wish List: Pitbulls

May 6, 2010

It’s no great secret that I love pitbulls.

I spend far too much time browsing BAD RAP and Petfinder looking at the cuties available and breaking my own heart.

The dogs in my life have for the most part (90% or so) been Pits – Petey, Olive, Tuesday above other are my favorite. All beautiful, cuddly, loving little poop-faces. All dogs people have been terrified of despite their obviously kind nature.

Petey is a big goof – big headed, spotted and a total idiot. The Manbear put his whole hand in Petey mouth and the pups just smiled and drooled at him, totally enamored. That’s what he does.

Olive is a sweet lady with no eyes. Shes short and stout, with a broad chest. Shes stocky for sure, and tough, but will cuddle up with you on the couch or run around in the yard just like any other puppy.

Tuesday was my sweet girl. She was a Aussie Cattle Dog – Pit mix, and beautiful. She was the sassiest of sassy and had the pit face and booty, and was very very smart and she was wonderful. And I loved her very much.

I love the breed and have been doing my part, as a future shelter pitbull owner, to make sure I know as much as possible about this “breed”.

I am not here to discuss the fear factor associate with pitbulls – the idea that they, above all other dogs, are killers. I will not go into how I feel about people who fight these dogs. I will not go into the “common understanding” that pitbulls are vicious, ruthless and heartless; how they are terrible family animals; how they should never be kept as pets. I wont get into the Nature vs. Nurture argument. Because its too encompassing. And I want to focus on the good of these wonderful dogs.

Instead, I want to show off some cuties that I’ve fallen in love with.

This little puppy is Belinda. Shes tiny and adorable and looks like a bat! I want to give her little squeeky kisses.

This is Grace. She was a Vick dog. Now shes recovered and gained her Canine Good Citizenship certificate. She little and wriggly. Perfect for cuddles.

This is Pinky. She has a BLOG. And is so so gremlin-y and adorable, and seems like my kind of girl. I need some of this in my life.

And the newest Heartthrob of my life: Buckeye

I mean look at that big geek! He totally just want to please and  roll around in dirt all day.

All of the above goobers can be found for adoption at, a Bay Area based Pit rescue.

And then. AND THEN, Tori at Sweet Avenue wrote about volunteering at the Fresno Bully Rescue the other day. And I melted and knew I had found someone who understood the amazingness of these resilient dogs.

And I met BonBon – tied to a tree with a chain imbedded in his neck this smart guy is all smiles and spots.

And Moose, a tiny goob.

And Candy, a grinner.

And then… Potato.

He gives soft kisses. Hes a giant. He loves baths. I am in love. I mean, lookit that smooshy face!

So yes. I know what I want for my birthday.

Pretty please?

Tori wrote about a robbery at a no kill shelter outside of Fresno. If you’re in a position to donate and want to give to an animal shelter, please consider the Selma Animal Shelter. Or BADRAP. Or FBR.


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